Agreed Minutes Agreement

2. They agree that bilateral boundaries of the continental shelf will be based on straight geographical lines that link the following points, defined in the 1984 Global Geodemication System (WGS84): 11. These agreed protocols constitute a joint declaration of the ministers` agreement on the procedure for delimiting the continental shelf between the states of the region, provided their internal requirements are met. 9. As soon as possible and no later than three months after the conclusion of the Procedure under Article 76, paragraph 8, of the Convention, States will meet to conclude three parallel bilateral agreements establishing the border lines in accordance with these protocols and their annexes, including the Annex II model of agreement. If such a meeting has not taken place by the end of 2011, states will begin consultations on what to do next. One minute of the agreement is a legal procedure available in Scotland. It is a document drawn up between two or more parties in the presence of their lawyers, without the need for formal judicial proceedings. In its usual form, it will contain numbered paragraphs containing formal but legally binding provisions to which each party has attached itself. If it contains a provision applicable in Scotland, it may be registered in other parts of the United Kingdom for recognition and execution. A protocol can also be registered for recognition and application in EU Member States or third countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Gibraltar is subject to a separate regime.

A foreign equivalent can also be called an authentic instrument. Delegations from the State of Israel (hereafter Israel) and Ukraine held a meeting in Jerusalem on 25 and 26 November 2003 on Ukraine`s accession to the WTO. Following this meeting, the two sides reached the following agreement, successfully concluding their bilateral market access negotiations. 6. Each State, when presenting its documents relating to the outer limits of its continental shelf in that territory, will ask the Commission to review it and make its recommendations on this basis, without prejudice to the presentation of documents by the other States at a later date or the delimitation of the continental shelf between the three states. In this context, the State in question will declare that such a request will be agreed between the three states. 10. Ministers agreed that the final delimitations would be achieved by the simultaneous entry into force of the three bilateral agreements, after it was announced that the internal requirements were being met for this purpose.

. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark If only one state is able to document a sufficient area of the continental shelf, the excess area falls on that state. 5. Norway intends to submit to the Commission in 2006 its documents relating to the outer limits of its continental shelf in that area. Denmark/Faroe Islands and Iceland intend to submit to the Commission, as soon as possible, their documents relating to the outer limits of their continental shelf in this area. 8. If, after verification by the Commission, one or more States have not demonstrated that the area of its continental shelf of more than 200 nautical miles corresponds at least to the area submitted to the same State according to paragraph 2, the lines referred to in paragraph 2 are adapted. This adaptation will ensure a corresponding reduction in the area of the State concerned and the distribution of the excess area between the rest of the State or the remaining States that document the areas of the Commission`s continental shelf more than the following areas covered in paragraph 2. A minutes can only be applied in Scotland after being recorded in council books and conservation and enforcement meetings.