Keolis Downer Enterprise Agreement

Marshall`s Liberal government has proposed a new enterprise agreement for locomotive drivers and other railway employees that provides for wage increases of 2% per year for three years – the same pay increase accepted by their tram colleagues in May. Treasurer Rob Lucas said the offer was in line with recent agreements with other public sector unions, including nurses, midwives and streetcar drivers, and asked the Tram and Rail Bus Union (RTBU) to recommend it to its members. “This offer is also in line with an enterprise agreement with Dentranels – members of the same union – who last May agreed to a 2% annual pay increase. This is in line with the current practice of the former Labour government which, in 2017, granted Facility Management employees, such as. B cleaning agents, an incentive payment of $35,000 in SA Health for the resignation and acceptance of a job at Spotless. During the first eight years of the contract, the South Australia Department of Infrastructure and Transportation and Keolis Downer will work together to provide better train services and improve transit use, with a focus on safety and improving the customer experience. Keolis Downer, a joint venture between French group Keolis and Australia`s Downer Group, has won a $2.1 billion privatization contract to operate Adelaide`s suburban rail network for eight years. The “exceptionally fair and reasonable” offer, which includes 353 employees, also includes work, health and safety initiatives to avoid driver fatigue, special leave with salary arrangements and the maintenance of existing employment conditions. Keolis Downer is a joint venture between Keolis, France`s largest private sector transport group, and Downer Rail, an Australian rail company that operates bus and tram services in Australia.

“We have made it clear to union bosses that their demand for an imaginative wage of 4% a year for four years is not only unaffordable, but also totally unaffordable during a global pandemic – the greatest economic challenge of our time. Keolis is 70% owned by the French rail group SNCF and 30% of the Canadian pension fund Caisse de dépt et placement du Québec.