Lighting Service Agreement

Ok, we admit that this is not the most exciting topic: service contracts for lighting and irrigation systems. Many of you may not even know what they are, but Bob Carr of TLC Incorporated, who specializes in outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, says service agreements are worth the time to learn more. Emergency rescue: Professionals who provide emergency services do not take the cheap path to technology and equipment such as ambulances and fire trucks. As consumers, we want the benefits of emergency service. How professionals choose the best technology to provide this service, before the precious minutes when they are most needed, is their call. The LED market is growing, so it would be to ask facility owners and managers to choose the best technology, as if a heart attack patient were asked to choose the right defibrillator. All electrical systems require routine maintenance and regular checks ensure safety for customers with lighting and landscape maintenance contracts. You ensure that a specialist checks every element of their safety lighting throughout the year at a frequency sufficient to ensure optimal performance and, if necessary, will make minor adjustments to avoid an unexpected system failure. The size of your lighting system determines how often we visit your property. Smaller systems typically require only one or two visits per year to check connections, wear and tear, and tree growth, which can affect the position and use of outdoor tree fires installed on branches and on the sides of trunks. Typically, we do these checks in early spring and just before the holiday season. If the assessment indicates that everything is fine, we only charge the travel costs and the time it takes to cover the system.

Small outdoor garden lighting systems with landscape maintenance contracts cost only $55.00 per visit once or twice a year. Larger systems for lighting, lighting and landscape maintenance contracts can cost between $150.00 and $200.00 depending on the time it takes to pass through the system. Certainly, service agreements for lighting and irrigation systems are an added value because they help homeowners protect their investments. In addition, as Carr said, these service agreements simplify the life of the owner. “People tend to save on maintenance and let the damage go too far if they know they have to spend more money to fix lighting or a sprinkler system,” Carr says. “But if they know their service agreement covers their lighting or irrigation systems, they have us systematically check and make sure their systems stay operational.” STRUCTURE: End users can pay a predetermined cost per square meter for light instead of buying LED lights.