Pila Membership Agreement

The shares after the end. At the end or end of its PILA membership, the PILA member is no longer required to file metadata with PILA or assign digital identities to his original works, and PILA is no longer required to register these digital identifiers. with respect to metadata and digital identifiers recorded prior to the termination or expiration of such metadata and digital identifiers: i) THE PILA has the right to retain, maintain and use these metadata and digital identifiers as part of the PILA system, including, but not exclusively, metadata deliveries in section 9 above, unless the terminating PILA member gives another one at the time of termination; and (ii) the PILA member`s obligations are maintained in accordance with Section 3, points b), (c) and (d). PILA can replace a PILA general response page where a digital identifier is no longer dissolved in an original work. Metadata rights and restrictions. The PILA member may not acquire or retain or transfer rights (including all copyrights, database creation rights, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property rights that currently exist or are developed later) from another PILA member. With the exception of the above, and in particular without limitation to Section 4 (general license), PILA may not acquire or retain rights (including all associated copyrights, database rights, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property rights that currently exist or are subsequently developed) in the registered metadata of the PILA member. a) Local accommodation. Subject to paying for local accommodation and fees, and complying with other local PILA accommodation conditions, as defined in a separate agreement between PILA and the local host, PILA may authorize PILA members and associate members of PILA (“PILA Affiliates”) to host locally the metadata and digital identifiers of the PILA system, which PILA makes directly available to facilitate the use of DOIs for the link to the original works, subject to any other restrictions regarding the use of metadata and digital identifiers. PILA reserves the right to review local hosting activity after an appropriate announcement to ensure that the local host system works properly and that all applicable cross-referiful policies and agreements are respected. If the PILA member, on behalf and address designated by the PILA member as a business contact in the membership application, with a copy at the same address in the General Counsel/Legal Department.