Positive And Negative Agreement Exercises

Agreement to এর মতই এর “অনুরূপ” কাজ প্রকাশের ক্ষেত্রে second এর শেষে এবং -ব্যাবহার হয় – if in doubt in “ever” i mean , v can use “always” in negative sentence. if so, then do with some examples…. Pls asks to do a lesson on positive agreement too. thanku. tc Sir Hi Alex this rule is just for negative chords, isn`t it? or in agreements in the affirmative. Thank you so much for your help. Please let me know when you have learned the lesson of positive agreements. – এ agreement এর ক্ষেত্রে First clauseএ যে Tense – Verb এর ব্যবহার , second sentence এও সেই এর form of Tense। ব্যবহার . Hello Alex, I just want to know that your question is “my uncle is not a good singer”I choose the answer I`m not either, but you said I`m not. Either the answers are correct, what I chose, why it is not correct, please explain to me. According to grammer rules, the verb auxilarly or the accord auxilarly should be used.

Thanks alex ., great that I have a lot, say, I can immediately use for positive agreements, for example- I have a car., I have either the right? Thank you for this amazing lesson on using “either” and “neither” in negative agreement. I doubt that anyone watching this video will not be able to use it. Hey, Alex, can you give me your e-mail? I need your help to solve the exercises of the essay and letter book (part1 chapter1)?? Good morning, Alex. Thanks for the lesson. I would like to ask a question. How to say disagreements about negative statements. My friend says I don`t like ice cream. What if I didn`t agree with him? What can I say? B. Negative agreement 1. Nor > (Neither – Auxiliary positive verb – Subject) 2. Either > (subject – negative auxiliary verb – or) hi, alex. I am part of your regular viewer.please you explain the appropriate use of all wass in Tenses.

I clearly understand the use of the negative agreement. Thanks for this video. Cordial greetings, juveriya fatima hyderabad-india. for the positive sentence, there is: me too! I will learn a lesson from a positive agreement in the future. It`s similar to this, but “either” is not used at all. Here`s an example: Hello Alex Thanks for this lesson.