Room Hire Agreement Uk

2.4 Basement: The basement has two smaller rooms, the library and meditation room, suitable for small groups or tips; and a large training hall of about 420m2. If you continue your booking, you are deemed to accept the following conditions for the rental of the lobby. (see clause #21). The booking is made for a certain date and a specific activity agreed with the Trust. All waivers are considered a new booking and must have our prior consent. The Trust reserves the right to transfer a reservation to another room of similar size. At the entrance or departure, you must never let anyone else enter the building unless they are your responsibility (i.e. your customers). If you let people in from your room, make sure they are your guests. “The Trust – the Psychosynthesis – Education Trust or its agents or collaborators” Hirer – the person or organization that takes responsibility for renting a room or room in the premises of the Psychosynthesis Education Trust.

1) Note: If you book an S-À-1 consultation room, you should also contact the front desk to book large or medium rooms for group work, which may be billed or debited from personal online accounts. d. Room use: A room reservation is available for a private room. You cannot change rooms or extend your time without prior permission from the reception. If you use a room without a reservation, occupants are advised to leave immediately. All tenants are bound by the rental conditions and, by booking a room, they accept these conditions and confirm that they have met all the rental conditions, including the professional settlement. Failure to pay the invoice may result in the cancellation of the booking and the tenant`s inability to make further room reservations until all remaining fees are paid. Non-payment beyond 30 days may be paid at a formal recovery. For a list of current room fees, please contact or refer to your booking confirmation email. The village hall assumes no responsibility for the equipment or other stored goods that are transferred or left on the site and any liability in case of loss or damage is excluded. All equipment and other items that are not stored on the site by appointment must be removed at the end of each rental or storage period.

The village house may, 7 days later, at its discretion, by sale or otherwise, sell such objects on the terms it deems appropriate and charge the tenant`s storage and daily costs for the storage, sale or disposal of these items. 2.5 Refektorium: The dining room is also located in the basement, with kitchen equipment such as microwave, water heater, kettle, refrigerator, sink and dishwasher. Located room rental contract September 1, 2013 Page 1 out of 7 behind the kitchen are two unisex toilets. The dining room and kitchen are available for the use of room renters and their guests at no additional cost. Workshop, training or meeting room rental: room renters are billed in advance and invoices are provided for the immediate count. We accept payments in BCC, cheque or credit/debit card. If you pay with BACS, make sure the bill number is listed as a reference. If the tenant cancels the booking before the day of the event and the village house cannot make a replacement reservation, the village house may, at its sole discretion, request an additional payment of the rental fee or withhold part of the down payment and rental fees already paid. a: Room rental: The room rental company is responsible for booking its rooms online with a personal account made available after the first check-in session. You can book for a 60-day horizon.