Wickes Credit Agreement

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of their application and have been living in permanent residence in the UK for at least three years. You must work at least 16 hours per week in the permanent work sector, leave normal employment (minimum age of 50) or not work out of disability. The credit is subject to application and status. Minimum expenditures 250 euros. Magnet Limited acts as a credit intermediary and not as a lender. Barclays UK acts as a lender. The terms and conditions apply. All orders are delivered to a single address. For security reasons, your first order with a credit/debit card must be delivered to the cardholder`s address for the first time it is on the site or by phone. Subsequent orders can then be placed at another address.

In-store orders on our website must not be delivered to the cardholder`s address. Approval of your application depends on your financial situation and credit history, as well as the terms that may be offered to you. Wren Kitchens is a credit broker, not a lender. Barclays Partner Finance acts as a lender. 10% minimum deposit required. Minimum expenses required to qualify. Spend $12,000 or more on showroom kitchens to qualify for 48 months of interest-free balances. Spend $8,000 or more on showroom kitchens to qualify for 36 months of interest-free balances. Spend $4000 or more on showroom kitchens to qualify for 24 months of interest-free balances. An “interest-free agreement” is precisely this, an agreement in which you pay no interest at all, the value of the balance borrowed is divided by the number of payments or the period in question, such as 6, 12, 24, 36, or sometimes 48 months, similar to a mobile phone contract. Sometimes you have to pay a down payment that can be as little as 10 euros or as much as 20% of the value of the kitchen.

Occasionally, some merchants offer no-deposit interest credit contracts, which are obviously very attractive if you don`t have a lot of free money to put in a kitchen. Interest-free agreements are a popular option because you can budget a specified amount each month to manage payments more easily. Wickes Building Supplies Limited is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to pursue the credit settlement number 363676.