Soliciting Customers After Termination Of Agreement

Non-competition is more general. It tries to prevent someone from starting a business in direct competition with the old employer or new business owner within a defined area for a set time. For example, if Jill has signed a non-compete clause, she may have to agree not to sell benefit equipment to another company for two years and within a 50-mile radius. Prohibitions on debauchery can become ineffective if they contain ambiguities. These agreements should be clearly formulated and the prohibitions should be explicitly stated on social networks. When drawing up such agreements, examples of prohibited activities on social media – such as encouraging workers to leave the current employer, sending a message on social media that an employee has left a company to start a competing business and inviting subscribers to request an offer, and active advertising for a new employer`s product to customers of the previous employer – should be clearly stated. .