What Is Arbitration Agreements

h. in an arbitration clause, or an opposing faction of American progressives, led by former President Theodore Roosevelt, derised arbitration as reckless idealism and insisted on the realism of war as the only solution to serious disputes. Taft`s treaties with France and Britain were killed by Roosevelt, who had broken with his protégé Taft in 1910. They are fighting for control of the Republican Party. Roosevelt worked with his close friend, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, to pass these changes that ruined treaty goals. Lodge felt that the treaties interfered too much with the prerogatives of senators. [29] However, Roosevelt acted to sabotage Taft`s campaign promises. [30] On a deeper level, Roosevelt truly believed that arbitration was a naïve solution and that big questions should be decided by war. Roosevelt`s approach had an almost mystical belief in the deprecating nature of war. He supported chauvinist nationalism as opposed to the calculation of profit and national interest by businessmen. [31] Compared to a lawsuit, arbitration is relatively inexpensive, short and confidential.

Courts generally refuse to set aside arbitral awards and can intervene to ensure their enforcement. This means that arbitration leads to final outcomes that allow the parties to move forward, while avoiding the public scrutiny that can accompany court proceedings. .