Cheat Sheet


Ao (Balance)

The main religion of Arabar, worshipped heavily in Garamond and Skaldia

Children of Ao (also considered “aspects” of Ao)

  • Asdin (enforcer enforcer of balance, punishment and reward) Symbol=2 axes

Found in Garramond and Skaldia, de-emphasized in Marakeen

  • D’Dwyn (secret force of equity) Symbol=the feather

In all realms, but it is a secret society

  • The Twins (co-reliance of the forces of light and dark, birth and death, decay and renewal) Symbol=Sun and moon-joined

Heavily worshipped in Marakeen

DwarvesAncestor Worship, Symbol of Dwarves=The Great Forge

ElvesAll can achieve oneness with supreme intelligence, Symbol of Elves=Tree of Life


Physical Landmarks:


  • Marakeen (Persian/Mongolian feel)
  • Skaldia (Nordic Feel)
  • Garramond (Anglo-Germanic Feel)
  • Arabar (Constantinople feel-melting pot of cultures, urbane and accepting)
  • Karafey (tenious alliance between Elves and Dwarves- Tyr built into the side of a mountain, Elves-Nimduin the city of spires)


Stone Pillar Mountains– jagged mountains of great elevation that divided the continent West and East

The Pass (Dwarven Controlled)-only known easy way through the Pillars

The Way/ Vagry’s Way (in Marakeen)-the land trade route west to east

The Divide– major river way, trade route, acts as a border between Skalida and Garramond (North and South)

The Briar Pass– a magical pass, time passes differently here, guarded by dryads

The College of the Magi- Run by the registrars only the home center left (located in Skaldia)

The Horse Plains- the grassy steppes of Marakeen, home of Nomadic Clans

Places visited:

  • Embassy of the Blind Isle-Ao’s followers attempt at a UN
  • Arabar-city-state
  • Winter Holt- Chieftain Lor’s winter compound
  • Berem-town in Skaldia-home of an orphanage
  • Tyr-Dwarven Capitol city
  • DarJeel-Winter Capitol of Marakeen
  • Unis Mythris- (the Undone City) Ruins of the once great capital city of the elves
  • Children’s Temple- Tent city of the cultist who worship Arach (apparently a great dragon who ascended to god status-protector and collector of the down-trodden)
  • Ferthe-Capitol City of Garramond
  • Durnhold Estate- Home of Spirious Durnhold, Mafia Boss of the Black Shield, based in Garramond outside of Ferthe
  • Brightwater Estate- In Ferthe proper, Mara’s “home,” and secret temple of D’Dwyn’s secret works.
  • The Trader’s Oasis- trade city 3 days ride outside of DarJeel in Marakeen, strange goods are sold here
  • The (once) Sunken Temple-a once secret tomb of the highest holy followers of Ao.