Opm Interchange Agreement Eligible

An agency cannot designate a worker under an exchange contract in a competitive manner under the conditions listed below. Each exchange agreement sets these conditions. The conditions are not in the federal regulation code. Individuals who do not qualify to be appointed under the exchange contract may apply for a position in competition review or other appointment procedures, provided the person meets all applicable eligibility requirements. (a) In accordance with 5 CFR 6.7, OPM and any agency with an executive staff system essentially equivalent to the main executive service (SES) may enter into, in accordance with the legislative and regulatory authorities, an agreement providing for the transport of persons between the SES and the other system. The agreement defines the status and duration that the interested parties acquire in the movement. (i) an appointment without conditions or restrictions, or (ii) a limited appointment that involved the employee for an indeterminate and career-oriented appointment, without interruption of the service of a working day between the two dates. You can apply for a competition promotion job if: If fewer than three candidates are in the highest quality category, agencies can combine the highest category with the immediately lower category and make a selection in the merged category. The new merged category would then be the highest quality category. Preferred beneficiaries should be mentioned in the event of unprivileged inclusion of the newly merged category. Again, as long as a preferential option remains a preferential option, an agency cannot avail itself of a non-preferred application unless the Agency obtains authorization to surrender the preference under 5.C 3318. Agencies make a selection from the highest quality category, regardless of the number of applicants (i.e. the rule of three does not apply).

However, preferential beneficiaries enjoy an absolute preference within each category. If preference is preferential in the category, an agency cannot select a non-preferred application unless the Agency has requested that the preferential preference be remitted in accordance with the 5 STATES. C, p. 3318, and the application is not accepted. c) An exchange contract may be terminated by any party under the terms of the agreement. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides the following list of primary recruitment authorities that agencies can use for career and career appointments.