Jeffco Negotiated Agreement

The remuneration agreement gives educators a salary of 3%, which they receive in two tranches of 1.5%. The money for payments comes from the single money in the district reserves. In addition to compensation, this year`s agreement included the development of a health benefits bank, which can provide additional support to educators in times of health crisis, language changes related to maladministration, class size and teacher allocation, summer student pay rates, performance coverage and student discipline. It also allows the movement of wages for those who are allowed on the basis of education. Denver Public Schools Employee Associations Denver Public Schools has agreements with 10 workers` associations. Below is information on all groups of DPS employees in alphabetical order. In a press release, interim ups and straight forward Kristopher Schuh said the district was pleased to have reached an agreement with JCEA after lengthy negotiating meetings. On October 2, the Jeffco Public Schools Board voted unanimously in favor of a compensation agreement with the Jefferson County Education Association. The terms of the agreement were… Prior to the Board of Directors vote, JCEA voted in favour of ratifying the agreement. Brooke Williams, president of the JCEA, said that while the agreement had made some concrete improvements, including through language changes, Jeffco`s educators had made significant sacrifices again this year. In the union`s last collective bargaining with the district on August 5, the two sides did not reach a final agreement, but made a final offer to the other party, which they were to consider in preparation for the next round of negotiations.

Teachers have adapted their questions since the beginning of the pandemic and are now asking for a 1% increase for each educator and a level increase over a teacher`s long experience, for educators who applied for this increase this year. Similarly, teachers have called for an increase in the level of higher education that a teacher achieves, such as when a teacher deserves a master`s degree. The Jeffco teachers` union, JCEA, is still negotiating a wage agreement as part of its collective agreement with Jeffco Public Schools.