Maven Rental Agreement

Only liability insurance is included at Maven Gig, while rents by Uber and Lyft include both liability and collision insurance with a $1,000 deductible. Uber and Lyft rents offer an insurance plan that is easier to understand, which can really say that full insurance is included in rental fees. You can use a maven gig rental only for commercial use in the market where you recovered the vehicle. Personal use is not limited, so for personal reasons you can go anywhere as long as you do not engage in business. The lease also stipulates that more than 51% of miles must be for commercial activities. How long can we keep a Maven Gig car? The maximum rental period is 28 days or 35 days in California. The minimum duration of the rental is 7 days. Maven Gig Benefits: Unlimited miles, including liability insurance, routine maintenance included. You can use it for any rideshare or delivery service (you can`t use Uber or Lyft rentals for other services) and for personal use. As a friendly reminder, while we do not represent a company that we offer on our pages, we can offer you general advice. While renting with Maven Gig is a good option, be sure to compare rideshare rental services before making a decision.

Maven Gig rents are more flexible than rentals via Uber and Lyft, as you can use a rental gig maven to drive for any Rideshare app, delivery service or gig app. Uber rentals can only be used for Uber and Lyft rentals only for Lyft. Be sure to apply for Uber or Lyft before you can rent from Maven! You can rent a Maven car without Uber, Lyft or active delivery profile. But these rents are expensive, so you want to have an active account before receiving a car. Apply first, then sort your rent. You are invited to make an appointment for the car pickup after making a reservation. Be sure to bring your driver`s license and credit/debit card to the booking. Currently, Maven Gig is run by GM dealers near you. The weekly fee for a rental gig maven is much more than you could spend on typical vehicle financing, but there are advantages that make the weekly price steep.

Open the app and choose the Gig option, which is the Rideshare option and delivery rentals. You then agree to the terms of use, create an account, provide personal information and enter your driver`s license information.