United Nations Information Portal On Multilateral Environmental Agreements

For more information, please contact: Marcos Silva (CITES) and marcos.silva@cites.org, and Eva Duer (UNEP) eva.duer@unep.org, (or mea representative) Contrary to similar external efforts, this project collects and displays directly information from the MEA secretariats that remain the administrators of their data. This allows for cost-effective and timely data availability. The MEA secretariats implement the identified technical solution individually. The MEA Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) initiative brings together the United Nations, UNESCO, FAO and UNEP, as well as 12 Multilateral Global Agreements on the Un Environment (MEA) to develop harmonized and interoperable information systems to support knowledge management activities between THE MEMBER STATES, for the benefit of the parties and the environmental community as a whole. The initiative is supported and supported by the United Nations Environment Programme. The EEA steering committee meets annually and sets a strategic direction. Its working group meets regularly throughout the year and is responsible for the technical implementation of the projects. InforMEA allows easy access and navigation of multilateral environmental agreements and international environmental legislation. Launched today, the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA IKM) Initiative develops harmonized information systems for parties and the environment community as a whole. The initiative is supported by UNEP and currently has 17 MEAs out of 12 secretariats.

It is open to observers involved in information and data management of the MEA. InforMEA is the UN`s information portal on multilateral environmental agreements, an online portal that provides the public with information on multilateral environmental agreements (MEA). [1] The InforMEA initiative is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme and supported by the European Union. The aim is to develop interoperable information systems for the benefit of the parties (MEA) and the environmental community as a whole. InforMEA is the first project launched by this initiative. It has adopted standards for the exchange of information and aggregates data and information from participating MMAs, including COP/MOP decisions, resolutions and recommendations, news and events, calendars, national focal point coordinates and official documents.