Who Pays For Rental Agreement In India

There are two types of leases in India, leases covered by rent control laws and rental and licensing agreements that are not. I do a cement business and my landlord tells him to leave a business. And we are still 27 ans.et I started my business around 1985 and the owner gave me his consent and it expired. And I have the current bill, the Salex tax, the phone bill and the store rental certificate. We are not ready to leave a cement company because we have credit to the customer, so what can I do? Some people opt for lease certification, but certification is not a registration. Therefore, a notarial deed of lease never replaces a registered deed. The courts do not accept them as evidence in the event of a dispute. Even if the deed is notarized, you still need to register it. It is often a practice among people to create leases on buffer paper with minimum values such as Rs.20/-or 50/-or 100/-, etc. This saves money on paying the actual stamp duty prescribed by the government.

The difference between government fees and minimum fees is usually very small. As long as there is no legal dispute between the landlord and the tenant, things are fine. Now let`s look at an example: before we continue, it`s important to note that each state has its own rental law, while some provisions of the central laws also apply. The agreement must clearly state the amount of rent you must pay each month and the due date on which it must be paid. A tenancy/lease is a legal document that states that both the landlord and tenant agree to follow the rental rules and agreement. As a rule, a lease is established by the real estate agent hired by the owner and tenant. To validate the agreement, the landlord and tenant must sign the agreement in the presence of two people who are not beneficiaries of the property and sign the agreement as witnesses. In most cases, the real estate agent is also one of the witnesses. Hello, I rented one of my apartments in Chandigarh to a lady for 4 years. The lease expired last year n I told her to leave my house bt she is nt doin so n say that she will leave the house after 2 years, she is a widow. so you can tell me what I can legally do to get them out of my apartment.

Landlords usually keep the original copy of the lease, but you should always keep a copy. Now he is too late and now refuses to leave the apartment and tell me after 2 months what to do in this scenario. .