Kaldin’s Way

Kaldin’s Way

They were two old souls bound together. Even as children  Larya and Kaldin,  affection for each other seemed born of something other than childhood crushes and puppy love. So, when they announced their betrothal a few years earlier than traditional eleven marital etiquette might dictate, their indiscretions were met with tears of joy across the community.

As was tradition, they would make the pilgrimages of water and life on  the day after they married.

They left from their new home. He headed east toward the mountains and the tree of life. She headed west to the Peace Oools of Orijion. He was to return with a seed, and she with water to plant their life together. It was an old custom that had fallen out of favor amongst the recently married, but everyone agreed, it was perfect for them.

Larya returned first and waited. She sat near the front door, hand on the latch, waiting every day for weeks, she sat waiting to spring open the door to their new life together.

He never came. Fallen out of the highest branches of the trees of life, while reaching for the perfect seedpod, he had struggled to get back to her. However, his injuries were too great. He died on his way home.

Kaldin’s Way

A simple copper metal door latch that attaches easily to one side of any functioning door . Anyone pulling the door open with the latch while whispering “amara” will open a portal through the door to the location that their heart considers home.

Once a week

Door stays open for 30 seconds

Amara – High Elvish noun: Home


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