When last we left out intrepid adventurers…

After leaving a thoughtful note to folks at the Brightwater Estate, the party headed out into the outskirts of Ferthe to pay a visit to Spencer’s father.

Spirious Durnhull

They journeyed through the  pouring rain and arrived at the ironwood gates of the Durnhulls, where they found they had been expected.  The manor was once a brownstone abbey.  Its sanctuary had been converted to a “war room,” and it was here where they found Spirious and fifty or so assorted staff, including his consigliere, Alanis Pendleton.


Introductions were made, and the party was surprised to find out that they were not at all unknown to the organization.  Miss Pendleton flaunted various facts from their backgrounds, including facts they may not have even know about themselves.

Despite the intensity of the reunion between Spencer and Spirious, the business of the war room continued around them.  The party got a glimpse at the inner workings of the organization.  This included, much to Andolin’s discomfort, the interrogation of a bound Marakeenian Stormrider.

Alanis Pendleton, Consigliere to Spirious (former)

Later at dinner, a proposition was presented to Spencer, a proposition that made the consilgiere quite anxious. Information and a guide would be provided to the last phylactry, in exchange for Spencer’s word she would return to take over the family business.  The Registrars and the Cultists were getting close to finding the phylactry as well, so Spencer took the deal.

Her assent set off a series of events that led to a rooftop skirmish between Andolin and the kenku; the disruption of Alanis’ escape by a series of lethal lightening strikes called forth by the druid Cara; the gifting of a rare captive goblin to Cord, Selena and Spencer; and the parties departure to Marakeen via winged steeds.

DarJeel awaits.

“You think the Kenku are the only thing we gave wings?”



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