When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers..

The party found themselves sandwiched between Balder’s men and Gorham’s defenders.  Kramzeek successfully de-escalated and befriended the now free Storm Giants.   After few tense negotiations between Tarrin and Gorham’s right-hand man, Azrael decided it was in everybody’s best interest to bring the traitor back to life.  The Eske clansmen turned referential and the party was able to carry on a bit of investigation.

Kramzeek found out that the Giants had yet another child to rescue.

Veriliegh and Andolin spoke with the dead Registrar and relived his last memory.  This vision revealed the Dark “Savior” Gah-Dreel’s growing displeasure with his followers’ ability to bring in his lost children.   It also revealed much of the College’s plan to demoralize our heroes.

Andolin and Kramzeek used the dead body parts collected by Veriliegh to bring back the chests that the Registrar’s had secreted away.  This revealed research and notes that spoke of damage done, and yet to be done, to our heroes’ loved ones.

Mara cast an augury spell to her Goddess and ascertained important reassurances of the wisdom of our adventurers next steps.

The group returned to Tarrin’s home settlement of Ruske.   Here, Tarrin uncovered painful truths.  His investigations yielded information on his lost Selkie love, Ondine, who had given birth to their son and then had been shunned and ostracized by both her Selkie father and Tarrin’s clan.  He learned of the Clan’s war on the Selkie pod that lived off their coastline. And, he and Kramzeek further discovered that his son is truly selkie and can take seal or human form at will.

That evening, the party paid their respects at the funeral pyre of Balder.  Many lamentations were sung as the great warrior’s bones turned to ash.  In addition, many flasks of mead were consumed in his honor.  Our heroes did not imbibe, however, they returned to the longhouse to discuss the impending meeting with the D’Jinn.

Casting doubt to the winds, Spencer took the Prava Phylactery and dumped its mystical contents into the Skaldian Sea.  Andolin followed suit and buried the Nadur’s Phylactery beneath the rocky sands.  Thus, when the D’Jinn arrived the next morning the party could meet the terms of their agreement, without putting power back into the hands of their enemies.  Much to the D’Jinn’s chagrin, he would have to return to his Empress empty-handed.  the trickster had been bested.

The party knows now that their loved ones are in grave danger.  They know they must gather their forces to stop the Dark Angel Gah-Dreel’s plans.  And what of the others, Malmiir the Half-Dwarf Bastard and Garrick, the Knight of Justice?  What part do they play in this unfolding drama?

Some knots unravel and others tighten, as the stakes are raised and our heroes race headlong into grave danger



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