When Last We Left Our Intrepid Adventurers…

Returning from the ancient oak grove and saving the Avendesoras, our heroes faced the city of Feng with a healthy list of tasks to accomplish.  First, they would visit the Arch Druid Cedric, to attempt to clear his enfeebled mind.  Once accomplished, the party started to get a more accurate picture of the extent of the College’s meddling among the Elves.  With Cedric as a character witness, the group returned to meet with the Elders on the steps of Heritage Hall.  Cedric was reestablished as a trusted elder and Verileigh, Mara, and Selena were able to revive Lady Finwe’s granddaughter. 

The grateful elves demanded that the College’s Registrar, Alishba Raitheborn, be brought to the “Sands” to answer the charges against her, a request with which  our adventurers were happy to comply.

An inspection of the Registrar’s abandoned apartments quickly revealed that Alishba didn’t actually dwell there.  Mara’s diligent work to check for traps discovered a blood lock that opened for her.  Our adventurers found her real home, a magically constructed mansion in a pocket dimension between the planes.

After coming to an understanding of the arcane nature of the space, thanks to the knowledge Kremzeek and Veriliegh provided, the party set about meticulously exploring the various chambers for clues to the Registrar’s dealings.

Selena found a laboratory with some disturbing necromantic and alchemial items, establishing physical proof of the attacks on the Druid and the Tree of life.

Deeper into the space they discovered a weakened and incarcerated King Durmuck Ironbreaker, whom Kremzeek freed and Mara restored.  Andolin helped the King come up to speed on the coup in progress in Tyr and the treachery of his own family.

As our heroes dug deeper into the strange series of rooms, Spencer made easy work of the complicated locks.   One such room was an aboretum that housed a statue of Mara in nephlim form.  Azrael discovered that the room was marked with prayers written in celestial runes to Gahdreel!  To his horror, as Mara entered the room he watched her black nephlim wings appear and felt her connection to the Silent Sister sever.  Her friends pulled her quickly from the room, and they continued their explorations.

Tarrin was the first to find the largest chamber.  This room contained a wheel built of three concentric circles each containing markings.  The party quickly set to solving the uncanny puzzle before them, with Azrael figuring out the last piece, the initials of the Registrars!  Despite the portal before them, they were distracted by the appearance of a lost little girl.

Tarrin and Veriliegh’s attempts to aid the child led them to a graveyard of sorts.  Here, the ephemeral being unleashed her true power and pulled them deep into the dirt.  Spencer and Andolin took carefully placed shots to defeat the apparition without injuring  their grappled friends.  The magic users, Selena and Veriliegh, worked to cast a series of spells to free the child’s victims from being buried alived!  The ghostly onslaught was over in mere seconds, but it left the party shaken and wondering what other horrors were in store.

Kremzeek could not resist the mystery of the strange room and stayed to unearth the girl’s friends and their shared fates.  The tortured bodies and  the injuries the children had endured revealed to Kremzeek the true depths the Registrar was willing to sink to in order to conduct her experiments.

Meanwhile, the party gained access to a chapel devoted to Gahdreel by admitting to each other their deepest regrets.  The temple revealed little about their nemesis or his followers but revealed much about what haunts our heroes’ souls.

The final chambers of the dimensional domain housed an enormous bedroom fitted with shackles, a smaller bedroom with a  portrait of the Registrar, and packed storage rooms.   Tarrin’s ability to feel the difference between the dimensional constructs and real materials helped the party to ascertain exactly what they could take with them.

The party returned to the teleportation chamber, and after Andolin had a lengthy consultation with King Durmuck, they decided to align the wheels to return to Feng to finish what they set out to do.

As the sun sunk into western horizon, the party returned to Heritage Hall and the Chamber of Sands.  Here, with Cedric and the Dwarven King’s testimonies, Andolin and the rest of our heroes were able to prove the College’s evil intentions and clear their names.

Now, the Guardians of the Scales face the true enemy of  the Realms…The Dark Lord Gahdreel.  Will their tactics, their powers, and their newly forged alliances be enough to battle the entrenched forces that darken the heart of the Pillars?  The Mage College awaits!





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